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Our Stratford clinic offers deep tissue massage therapy treatment to clients and patients across East London. We offer deep tissue massage alongside our sports massage therapy treatment.

Deep tissue massage is a treatment designed to break up and ease muscle knots and adhesions, as well as break up any scar tissue caused by residual injury. Firm pressure is used to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue, as well as the connective tissues of the body (fascia).

The team here at our Stratford clinic are expert at tailoring deep tissue therapy sessions to each individual patient’s needs.

What can I expect from a course of deep tissue massage?

After an initial consultation with one of our Stratford team, your deep tissue massage therapy sessions may involve any of the following techniques.

  • Releasing tension in the muscles and soft tissues using pressure and friction (neuro-muscular techniques).
  • Applying gentle pressure to the connective tissues (myofascial techniques)
  • Helping to unlock muscle energy and improve circulation.
  • Advice on rehabilitation and exercises outside of appointed therapy hours.

What are the benefits of deep tissue massage treatment?

A course of deep tissue massage treatment will normally have the following benefits.

  • Improved circulation and blood flow
  • Tissue elasticity
  • Stress on tendons, ligaments and joints
  • Helping with fascia tension
  • Helping with scar tissue
  • Helping clear metabolic byproducts

Deep tissue massage versus sports massage

We’re frequently asked in our Stratford clinic about the difference between deep tissue massage and sports massage, and they are two therapeutic terms which can be used inter-changeably. Both therapies seek to relieve muscle tightness, tension and treat sports related injury.

However our sports massage therapy treatment is more carefully tailored to patients who engage in more regular and/or strenuous activity, and may offer regular participants in sporting activity a more structured approach to rehabilitation. If you live in Stratford and the wider East London area, then you’re more than welcome to come into our clinic and discuss the appropriate treatment with our Stratford team.

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